Grove, Oxfordshire

Welcome to the website of Grove Parish Council.  The website is here to help you find information about the village, the Parish Council and the wider Parish area.

The Local Information Section has news about Grove, its history, amenities and what’s going on in the local community.

Within the Parish Council Section you can find contact details for the current Parish Councillors, County and District Councillors, with details of all future meetings, the agenda for those meetings and minutes and reports of the latest meetings.

There is up to date news on issues affecting the village and links to useful websites relevant to Grove.

Feedback on this website is most welcome, please contact the Parish Council office with your views.

About Grove.

The village of Grove lies 13 miles south-west of Oxford where the Thames Valley meets the Berkshire Downs.  At first glance it is much the same as many other dormitory villages all over the country, but a closer look reveals its true nature, which is very special indeed.

Its favoured position, tens of miles from any major industry, gives the village a peaceful and unpolluted aspect and it stands amid traditional farming areas.  Despite this, the village has grown, in post-war years, from a small, self-sufficient hamlet to a thriving modern community that has benefited from its past in a very unique way, preserving, accidentally perhaps, many of its advantages and making a blessing of its past scars.

From a hamlet of about 500 souls, it has grown to almost 10,000 inhabitants with shops and schools to meet the needs of its newcomers.  The extensive acreages given over to housing are designed for ease of access to the modern schools in comparative safety along a network of safe walkways, only seldom needing to cross roads or encounter traffic.  Old Mill Hall, in School Lane opposite Millbrook School, is the centre for numerous activities from weight-watching to photography.  The hall also houses the Parish Council offices and nearby is the Grove Day Centre for the Elderly and an up to date hard play area for teenagers.

Grove map

Original image from Wikimedia Commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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