About the Council

Grove Parish Council is made up of 16 Councillors elected every 4 years.  Councillors are democratically accountable to residents of Grove Parish.  Councillors have to agree to a ‘Code of Conduct’ to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their duties.

All Councillors meet together as ‘The Council’, there are usually 8 Parish Council meetings a year, plus an Annual Council meeting held usually in May.   Grove Parish Council conducts most of its business through 5 Committees and their basic remits are outlined below.  Each Committee meet 8 times per year except the Secondary Schools committee which meets on an as and when basis.  All Council and Committee meetings are open to the press and public, and members of the press and public can ask questions of their Councillors; time is limited to 5 minutes a questioner.

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of the Parish electorate and is different from the Annual Council Meeting.  It is not a Parish Council meeting although the Parish Council Chairman will call the meeting and, if present, will chair the event.  The Annual Parish Meeting must be held between 1st March and 1st June.  There is no prescribed format for this meeting and its recommendations are not legally binding on the Council. 

Full Council – Council Policy, receives County and District Councillors’ reports, Local Plan, Civic matters, Elections and Major Planning Developments.  

Full Council appoints members to the following outside bodies as either members or observers; Fairtrade Group, Flood Group, Grove Community News, Joint Economic Forum, Grove & Wantage Health Check, Old Mill Hall Management Committee, Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils, Wantage, Grove & District Twinning Executive, Grove CE Board of Governors, Grove Village Hall Management Committee, Grovelands Shoppers Service, Independent Advice Centre, Robert Stiles Almshouses, Vale & Downland Museum Trust, Wantage & Grove Traffic Advisory Committee.

Environmental Services Committee – Police and Associated matters, Health matters, Transport/Bus matters, Highways/Footpaths, Schools, Denchworth Road Cemetery, Street Signs/benches, all Dog and Litter Bins, Grove Environmental issues, Grove Village Hall.

The Environmental Services Committee appoints to the following outside bodies as either members or observers; Community Health Committee, Parish Transport Rep.

Leisure & Recreation – All Recreation Ground and Wasbrough Field issues including litter bins and benches), Mably Way Recreational Area, Allotments, Open Spaces, Play Areas and Trees.

The Leisure & Recreation Committee appoints to the following outside bodies as either members or observers; Recreation User Group, Oxfordshire Playing Field Association – Service Users Advisory Group.

Finance & General Purposes Committee – Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils, Old Mill Hall Sub Committee, Street Lights, Legal and Financial matters, Council buildings, Maintenance and Purchase of Machinery, all administration of the Council including; Staff Issues, General Village maintenance, Grass Cutting, Health & Safety.

Planning – All domestic/general Planning matters.

Secondary Schools – Formed in December 2013 to help ensure that the right Secondary School is delivered in Grove arising from the Grove Airfield Development.



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