About Council Grants

The Parish Council wishes to invite community groups, local organisations and projects to make grant applications. Accordingly, it budgets to give 7.5% of its annual precept in grants.

When an application is received the clerk will send out a letter to the applicant detailing further information required. This will include a request for details of other bodies from which grant aid has been requested. A financial statement would also be requested.

Details and definitions:

• Grants will normally be awarded annually at the first Full Council meeting following the Annual Parish Council Meeting (usually June)

• Local, normally means for the benefit for those living within the areas of Grove and Wantage

• Local organisations and projects would normally exclude individuals (note section 137 grants cannot be made to individuals)

• Applicants for grants must complete the Council’s application form which requires information including details of the organisation or project, the amount requested, background of the organisation, copy of the latest annual financial statements and why a grant is requested. If the financial statements show more than one year’s expenditure as cash in hand, applicants need to ensure that the reason for the application is fully explained

• Successful applicants must write to the council within twelve months of the award explaining how the grant has been used

• Each application would be judged on its merits and organisations could be offered part grant, part loan if necessary.
Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 gives the Council the power to “incur expenditure which in their opinion is in the interests of and will bring direct benefit to their area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants……”

N.B. Section 137 cannot be used for grant funding individuals.

Section 137 was amended by section 36 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 so that any expenditure must be commensurate with the benefit to the community.

Section 137 grant funding is only to be used provided that there is no alternative power, whether limited or conditional, and no statutory prohibition, the council may incur expenditure under section 137.

The amount of section 137 monies available normally increases every year. A base figure is set by Central Government and this base figure is multiplied by the number of electors in each Parish. For example, the base figure for 2017-18 is £7.57 multiplied by 7,178 electors (2011 Census) = £54,337.

A copy of the Grant Application form is below:

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