Council Responsibilities

As a parish council, we offer a range of services within the parish of Grove.  The Vale of White Horse District Council and Oxfordshire County Council also provide services in Grove.

Although each council is an independent organisation providing separate services, we all work together to ensure that all the services provided improve the quality of life for the people of Grove.

The Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Allotments (Millbridge and Village Hall Allotment Gardens)
  • Bus Shelters (certain Bus Shelters only)
  • Denchworth Road – Grove Parish Cemetery
  • Small Grants to Local and Voluntary Organisations
  • Grove Recreation Ground (includes Mably Way sports pitches) and Wasbrough Field
  • Play Areas (not including those managed by the District Council)
  • Planning matters (as consultee for the planning authority only)
  • Rural grass cutting on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council
  • Urban grass cutting on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council
  • Epicormic/Basal Tree Growth removal on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council

    The Vale of White Horse District Council is responsible for:

    • Benefits
    • Building Control
    • Business Rates
    • Community Safety
    • Council Tax
    • Electoral Services
    • Environmental Health
    • Housing Services
    • Land Charges
    • Planning Authority
    • Refuse Collection
    • Rural Development
    • Tourism and Leisure

    Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for:

    • Education
    • Fire Service
    • Concessionary Travel
    • Libraries
    • Local Development
    • Mineral and Waste Policies
    • Social Services
    • Trading Standards
    • Transport Planning
    • Highways and Footpaths
    • Police
    • Public Transport
    • Road Safety
    • Street Lighting

    If you have an issue not classified above, then please feel free to phone the Parish Council office on 01235 766599 or email [email protected] for clarification.

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