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13 July 2017 – CONSULTATION – Denchworth Road & Newlands Drive (Grove) Proposed Speed Limit, Prohibition of Driving & Traffic Calming

The proposed traffic schemes have been advertised in the Oxford Times today; Thursday 13th July 2017, and is also now available on the Councils consultation pages at the address below:


We are writing to seek your views on the proposals to; a) extend the 30mph speed limit on Denchworth Road leading southwards out of Grove, meeting the 30mph at the roundabout junction with Mably Way, b) remove 2 current sections of road from use by motor vehicles only at the northern end of Denchworth Road and at the westernmost end of Cane Lane (which are being made redundant due to a realignment of Denchworth Road and a new junction on Cane Lane) and, c) construct various traffic calming features on Newlands Drive, including: 6 (six) extended flat top road humps and 4 (four) pairs of speed cushions at intervals along its length. These proposals have been put forward in response to the development of land at Grove, adjacent to Denchworth Road. In light of this, please find the following consultation documents below:

As detailed on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 11th August 2017 to Oxfordshire County Council.

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