Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful voluntary crime-prevention movements. It originated in the United States and in 1982 came to the UK, where it fast became very popular. Neighbourhood Watch is based on the idea of an active community working together and in partnership with the Police and other agencies. At its most basic level, Neighbourhood Watch consists of a group of like-minded neighbours getting together to help reduce crime and make their community safe.

Neighbourhood Watch within Grove has sixteen local schemes operating within the village each with its own co-ordinator. Each local scheme operates individually and remains autonomous. Within the last two years the co-ordinators have been linked through local meetings in order to discuss and exchange concerns with each other, local police officers and other agencies.

Neighbourhood Watch isn’t just about crime prevention – it’s about getting to know your neighbours, helping each other and looking after the more vulnerable members of the community Modern technology has taken the image of “curtain twitching” people into an area whereby both young and older people are able to play an active part in keeping their own community safe. It also offers the opportunity to link with the other local agencies in order to solve issues that may arise.

One excellent method of keeping updated on crime or potential crime is to receive TV Alerts via computer or phone; this is where younger members of the community are able to assist some older residents who may not have the facilities. Conversely many older residents are well versed with modern technology and are able to act on the information received.

There are areas within the village, particularly new developments, whereby new schemes would prove an advantage to join and participate. Contacts below:-

Emergencies (Police-Fire-Ambulance) 999

Non emergency 101

[email protected] (Email only not crime reporting)

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