Grove is twinned with Mably, France and Wantage is twinned with both Seesen in Germany and Mably in France

What is Town Twinning all about ?
Who organises Twinning ?
How is Town Twinning Funded ?
What kinds of activities take place ?
Who can take part in Town Twinning ?

What Is Town Twinning All About?

Twinning is a formal connection with a community in another country, to build up contacts and to promote friendship and a better understanding of each other’s country, culture, language and national characteristics.

What Are The Benefits?

Making friends and visiting each other (children and adults), benefiting from the experiences of others, broadening our horizons by discovering other cultures, learning or improving a foreign language and help to foster international understanding, and to promote peace.

Who Organises Twinning ?

Twinning is organised through the Wantage, Grove and District Twinning Association which has a French and a German group.

How Is Twinning Funded ?

Twinning is self-funded. Individuals can join the Twinning Association for a nominal annual subscription, twinning is fended by fund-raising events run by the French and German groups.
Local families usually host the twinning visitors and individuals bear the cost of their travel abroad, including councillors on official visits. EU grants are sometimes available for specific events.

What Kind Of Activities Take Place ?

Parties of members of each Group visit their twin town. Civic visits involving councillors and community representatives. Members host students visiting their twin town for work experience.
Exhibitions and lectures are arranged to raise awareness of twinning. Social events are held, including a joint Annual Dinner held by the two Groups in January.

The Association helps to support incoming groups such as those involved in school exchanges, youth group exchanges, visits by football clubs, table tennis clubs etc, musical and dance troupes, depending on their needs. For example, the two Groups help organisations contact their opposite numbers in the twin towns, and will sometimes provide small grants towards specific events.

Who Can Take Part ?

Anyone living, working or meeting in Grove and Wantage and the surrounding villages, or having a close connection with the area.

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